How to Initiate a Content-First Design Process

What is content-first design?

Content-first signifies one of the leading theoretical views on the design process. First endorsed by Jeff Zeldman way back in 2008 suggests that, as a way to construct the appropriate design for any assigned project, it is important to know what the content is before you begin designing.

Makes good sense, doesn’t it?

After all, an architect doesn’t start out sketching blueprints until they’re fully aware what the building supposed to be. For the majority of websites, the function must accomplish through content.

Benefits of content-first design

1. Lighten your code

If you know the functions of your website like product, help center, and also marketing and advertising pages, you can design your type hierarchy to operate across almost all functions. That’ll build a more consistent interface, as well as prevent you from developing some cluttered classes.

2. Improve your chances If developing a mobile-friendly design

Mobile phones still don’t own an ample space for you to work. Thus, we are compelled to fit in the most vital parts within a small area. The entire concept of content first is usually to develop the design to fit in the content entirely and to help make that content more noticeable.

Thinking of content-first makes it much easier for you to make the design responsive.

3. Helps you to Build Good Online Reputation

Your logo will display the brand. So, Logo is the most important part of Branding but Content also comes in the same way while talking about the branding or reputation. A good reputation also means trustworthiness and impact, which also converts your visitors in returning customers. Thus, with impressive and high quality content , your website will be visited and trusted by many.

How to initiate the content first design

1. Design with proto-content

Since content-first can be hard to acquire at the beginning, we require another thing that can function as an alternative; a something is much better than a dummy written text. This is when making use of proto-content comes into play. Proto-content is content in a Word document or even text file which has got a basis layout of the content you desire to bring to your website.

The objective of proto-content is to measure the length of your content; its language, as well as the tone of voice at the beginning. Which means you have got something to analyze within at the start.

2. Take reference of your competitor’s website

If you don’t already have a pre-existing site, or you are still scared how to write your content, perhaps you can take reference from your competitors. Visit their site, and also examine how they layout their content. but don’t intend to go live with the same content of competitor.

3. Avoid lorem ipsum

One technique a lot of companies make use of when building their web site is momentarily making use of Lorem Ipsum, as an alternative for content. Even though this will likely seem suitable in the beginning, it’s a lazy path to holdup content which nevertheless leads to design as well as content inconsistencies.

4. Content creators:

The objective of a website’s design is always to present the content effectively and to preserve the brand set up a website’s design in a way that can be used to exhibit the content in a good manner.

One of many ways Designers can initiate this content first design process is to hire content writers or creators to write this content for them.

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