10 Amazing Photography Genres that Photographers Would Love

Whenever people see photographs, a great joy and sentiments can be felt. Photography has the power to depict certain emotions and give control in capturing lots of memories. It gives you valuable reasons to travel more places and discover more things.

Fortunately, smartphone technology can help you be a photographer at any time. With the help of built-in graphics engines and powerful processors, you can achieve high-quality images. You have to be aware of different photography genres in order for you to evenly enjoy your smartphone camera features and produce more beautiful images.

If you wish to bring your photography skills to the next level, you can explore various techniques of photography, including styles and forms such as:

Neonate Photography

Neonate photography is one of the photography genres that every couple wants to capture their little one. While taking baby photos, just be natural. Babies sleeping or yawning is more natural than a pretty looking pose. Studio sessions typically focus on shots of a baby in a blanket, hats, wraps and headbands. There are some posing, but the intention is to effectively capture the natural images.

Fashion Photography

Fashion will always be part of photography genres showing the aesthetic appeal of models, clothes and accessories. This photography list comes with 3 major styles such as catalog, editorial and high fashion.

Aeriform Photography

If you love to take photos while you are in the sky, you should include aeriform on your photography list. This is ideal during special events where you have the best chance to capture the outline from above.

Candid Photography

Candid photography is part of photography genres refers to the captured images without the intention of posing. Wedding Photography is the perfect example of this. This can be achieved with subject in motion, surprising subjects or avoidance of subject while subject is not aware of Photographer.

Scenery Photography

Typically, scenery photography captures the aesthetic view of nature as well as landscape disturbances. Man-made features are also one of the best subjects.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a must in your photography list when your concern is capturing different forms of wildlife in the natural habitat. This brings you into more challenging approach.

Portrayal Photography

If you want to capture photographs of families, pets, children, artworks and more, trying portrayal photography is ideal. This is the best time for you to show your creativity in portrayal.

Macro Photography

In macro photography, you get an extreme close up shots to various subjects. Usually, you can capture very small subject such as insects and other living organisms.

Nature Photography

Nature photography refers to one of photography genres that capture outdoor images such as wildlife, plants, landscaped or natural scenes. This is ideal for you if you love adventures.

Model Photography

Generally, this photography is used in the fashion industry where models pose for photographers. This is the common practice when taking images of models to be used in the model’s portfolio.

Final Thought

Photographers have their own interest and photography genres. Make sure to choose which one can effectively bring happiness to you. This way you capture beautiful and engaging images.

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