11 Tips to Design a Blog that stands out among others

Blog design can be as easy as setting up a theme and also including a couple of widgets. However you should take your site seriously, and if you desire it to Stand out visually, the starting point is knowing the fundamentals of design. As soon as you know the best blog designs, you can easily work on it on your own. Listed below are 11 best blog design tips that can ensure you get started:

1. Select a blogging platform

There are numerous blogging platforms available such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Ghost and Squarespace. Or if you feel daring and understand or know your code, you can easily develop your blog from scratch

2. Impactful Content

Running a blog for the sake of running a blog is meaningless. You’re likely to get tired out fast, while your meticulously designed blog will quickly be abandoned. It is often smart to grab a notepad and pen before you begin. Also, do not just write, ensure they are useful and practicable to your users.

3. Simple blog design

At all times keep your site design simple. Stick with a maximum of 3 color choices, as well as three fonts. With fonts, you will require a heading, subheading and entire body copy font. Your primary text font may then be boosted by various weights or characteristics, nevertheless maintain these to a minimum.

4. Embrace white space

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Apart from efficiently utilizing padding and margins, the simplest means to embrace white space is to eliminate anything that doesn’t add to attain your primary goals. Do you really need that tag cloud?

5. Follow conventions

It might be easy to disregard the vital attributes of a blog when getting innovative with the blog design. No matter what your blog turns up to be, ensure you keep the primary conventions of a blog set out. Such as Sidebars, Search bars, Headers, etc

6. Make sure it is responsive

In recent times, responsive web design is a requirement for virtually any decent design blog. Work carefully with a designer and developer to help deliver a design which is both attractive and functional.

7. Think Adaptability

How can your readers make use of your blog? Is your navigation clear and straightforward to operate? Can your subscribers quickly come across the content material they really want? Getting readers on your web blog is difficult enough, ensure they remain on it!.

8. Keep your design ambitious

If perhaps the purpose of your blog is to get conversions, then you ought to develop your blog that is built with three things in mind: What exactly is your blog about? What makes it unique? Who will be your primary target market?.

9. Innovative

Even though by and large it is crucial that you follow conventions, that does not mean you should never break the rules! Attempt a couple of new elements, and test out colors, fonts, and also placements.

10. Make use of contrasting colors

Do not go insane, and keep to a basic color scheme. Different colors will work efficiently in the proper design. It is an excellent general guideline that your web blog features a main primary color along with a color for your call-to-action.

11. Nurture it!

Like a gardener tending his rows, you may spend considerable time, designing your web blog and also making posts. However for it to grow, you’ve got to nurture it. One of many ways to accomplish this is simply by making your blog remarkable all over the site.

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