Best Marketplaces to Sell Your Themes and Templates Online

Any plan to make more money this year? Whether you are a web designer, creative professional, artist or graphic designer you could be selling your work or themes and templates directly to the public. I think its a tough task for anyone to do. It needs huge investments of money and time for your brand awareness to reach more people and increase sales. You get ready with your themes or templates, Now the question is what’s next? A number of problems are raised at this stage deciding from where to sell your templates and which marketplace can give you more exposure as well as a good number of sales. My advice to you is to design versatile templates so that one can use for different types of websites. In this industry multipurpose html5 website templates are selling quite well.

Nowadays, it becomes simpler to sell your themes and templates online. For that, you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money and time to build an online store. There are many e-commerce websites available that allow you to reach wider users to sell your designs/products. So, are you ready to sell your templates and themes on such marketplaces? I am going to show you a gallery that contains top marketplaces to sell themes and templates.


ThemeForest is an Envato Market. At ThemeForest, you can buy and sell website templates & themes using rates including $5 to approx $40. This is one of the most known marketplaces and a home to a wide range of variety of designs where designers and developers can sell their items. ThemeForest community has the fine volume of traffic which can help you brings traffic to your site too. You can buy or sell any kind of templates that you can imagine. It not only focuses on WordPress. We also can get landing pages, site elements, and email templates. It has 42,684 WordPress themes and website templates live on their website.

Mojo Marketplace

MojoThemes can be a marketplace for anyone to sell themes and templates. They majorly sell themes like premium WordPress themes, Tumblr themes, and Bootstrap. The templates vary from simple photoshop templates to advance WordPress plugins. It is a great marketplace for premium themes and template over 50,000+ users. You can sell HTML templates, PSD, Joomla, WordPress themes, Magento or Open cart themes. Mojo is not the best marketplace for free themes.


Bootstrapmade is a marketplace for premium themes and template built with a bootstrap framework. Nowadays bootstrap became the most popular front-end framework for any type of web projects. The marketplace is created for web designers to create and sell their own templates and themes based on bootstrap. Themes and templates are regularly get updated on the website. They also provide a support center and a low-cost licensing scheme for developers.


Creative Market is a platform for mousemade design content and handcrafted from independent creatives around the world. In this marketplace, an author can set their own price for their products. Creative Market is a preferred online marketplace for web designers and developers. They give 70% to the authors of each sale. In order to start selling you should open a shop and set your own prices. There is no per-product approval so after you open a shop, you can directly upload your items and they go online right away.


ThemePlanet is the latest online marketplace selling a variety of premium website themes and templates at great prices. The marketplace include HTML5 Website templates as well as a wide variety of themes for the likes of WordPress, Magento, Shopify and others. Theme Planet has been developed with the ambition of becoming the worlds largest online theme marketplace. Anyone can create a store on ThemePlanet and put their themes or templates for sell.


WrapBootstrap is a marketplace where designers can sell their own themes and templates based on the Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is designed to help people with their skills. This is the largest marketplace for Bootstrap templates and themes. If Bootstrap is your framework, then you found your marketplace here at WrapBootstrap.


ScriptEden is a place where you can create your own identity and show up your expertise. If you are a developer, designer or a writer and want to sell your creative work to get more exposure on your work, then Script Eden is a right place for you. Currently ScriptEden has 64 Products, 1,36,4921 Views and 10,14,216 Downloads.


Bootstrapbay is building websites for several years has given us an appreciation for the time and effort it takes to create beautiful work. Bootstrap is easy to learn, customize, and great for rapid development of responsive websites. It is another great place to buy & sell premium Bootstrap themes & templates.


GrayGrids is a Multi-level platform to Download and Submit Free, Premium and Freemium HTML5 Bootstrap Templates and WordPress Themes Which is open for all to Sell and Download Items. Find the best template or theme that best matches your business and build your own website.

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