How to Create a Powerful Brand Style Guide

Brand style guide

How a company or organizations do presents itself to many consumers? Using a brand style guide as a document, you are able to modify how your company showcases its name to the world. It also helps in maintaining a consistent approach when it comes to demonstrating the appearance of the brand, what it feels or sounds like.

What is Brand Style Guide and Why You Need to Have One?

Your company brand is the personality of your company and yours as well. The people recognize you with your brand. Therefore, you need to be consistent with your company identity. The inconsistency of your brand would make your clients doubt it. The brand style guide doesn’t make this happen. It assists a business to consistently communicate in large channels of teams.

A brand style guide is a form of discovery. Before you use the latest web design templates to create the design of the brand, make sure you understand the elements that should be included in the guide.

Blocks Elements Responsible for Brand Style Guide


The one who is designing a logo should know the how to design an impressive logo. Both an expert designer and your selected template helps in selecting the right color for your brand to avoid any altering, stretching or condensing mistakes.


In choosing a color palette, select four or a fewer number of main colors to ensure your brand logo doesn’t go out of your desired preference.

Color Palette

Another important element to consider is the font selection. An excellent tip is to use different font sizes that contrast with your logo because the contrast between your logo and the fonts you are using in your web page helps your brand to stand out unique.

Graphics & Photography

Using creative but simple graphics gives your brand a catchy appearance. In line with photography, images should not only be creative but also appealing to your clients and future clients. Hence, they will put interest to know more about your business.

Content page

Whether your document is of few pages, it’s always a good idea to include a content page as part of your style guide. Keep the content page simple, easy to read and short but informative.

Other Brand Elements Needed

In addition to the above-mentioned elements, the brand story is also required. This shows the introduction of your company that assists clients to understand and know more about your brand. Another one is the brand voice that is essential to build your brand identity. It should be simple and contains the effective brand descriptions.

Few Examples of Brand Style Guide

In addition, you could have brand style guide examples as a source of inspiration in making your brand. There are design manuals and pattern libraries available on the net. From this wide variety together with the help of latest web design templates, you are sure to create a powerful brand that would certainly catch the attention of the world.

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