10 Fire Ways to Increase your Facebook Fanbase

Increase your Facebook Fanbase

Facebook fan pages are now beginning to show up everywhere. However, how do you get more people to join you? If you create an FB page, will fans come to you? This is the hope for most of the businesses. However, fans don’t magically show from the Facebook mist. Here are ten fire ways to increase your FB fan base. By following this tips you will have more and more Facebook fans to your site.

Create unique/shareable Content

Posting interesting and informative content will attract more fans. When a reader likes your post, he or she tends to click on the Like button, in turn, the link of the blog will be posted on their FB too. More your content is interesting more the followers you’ll get. High-quality content will make your audience look good to others when they share it.

Set Widgets on Your Website

To attract more guests to your FB page, you can embed social plugins like Live Stream or Like Box on your blog/website. This is one way to increase social media engagement. Such widget offers FB users the chance to leave their comments in real time.

Choose the best time to post

There is no simple answer to the timing concern. Timing is very important when it comes to posting on any social networks. You need to consider your audience profile, your audience, the type of content you make as well as the scheduling tools. Consider the times when people are busy to check out for the updates on their social media accounts and schedule your posts.

Invite your subscribers

You could also share the page on other friend’s timelines or privately invite anyone who would be a guaranteed fan with a link to the page inviting them to ‘like’ your page.

Call to action

Invite people to share the content; if you do not ask, then there will be no result. Your audience tends to respond better when they are given specifics as to what to respond to. Ensure to include a call to action to increase the chance of your content or post being shared.

Autograph Posts

A definite way to increase social media engagement for your fan page is to add the @ tag for the fan page when writing on the wall of your friend as a way to sign off.

Emphasize on trending topics

Normally, what do fans want to talk about on social media? You can do some research and find out. In this way, you can post your own part on the trending topic and boost your possibility of being shared. Emphasizing on trending topics can help drive immediate engagement.

Post attractive videos & go live

Make sure to make an attractive landing tab with a video, which explains what the page is about, for who it is for and why they must become members. Consequently, you will increase your conversion number from visitors to fans.

Facebook Contests

Another efficient way to increase social media engagement is to conduct giveaways and contests on your site. Anyone who is interested in joining the contest must become a Facebook fan of the page. It creates excitement and will get users to visit your Facebook page frequently to check if they have won.

More “How-to”s

Don’t forget to post simple image as well as a caption, which shows fans the solution to a certain problem or a way to enhance their day-to-day lives. Put your videos and posts showing people how to use your products in new or creative ways. More How-to Guides will help people to solve their confusion and increase your fanbase.

Wrapping Up!

Using Facebook to attract fans needs consistency and constancy in your approach; be persistent, patient and ultimately, keep them at the forefront of your mind always. Do not fall foul of being too self-promotional with no consideration for the individual who ‘like’ the page. Instead, interact and respond to them. If you like this post and want to share your ideas then give your point of view in the comment section below.

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