How to Pitch Big Bloggers to Accept Your Post

How to Pitch Big Bloggers to Accept Your Post

With the trend in the social network world, you know that blogging on the big sites will give you income and traffic on your site. There are many sites that allow you to post your blogs on their site freely and it will be displayed, if it matches their guest posting guidelines. Guest posting guidelines are the standard that big site applies to all the aspiring bloggers and freelancer to have their article posted to the network. You know that there are the guidelines, however, you are lacking in the knowledge and information to make your entry cross their guidelines. Here is how to get your guest post publish on the big blogger’s site.

Do Research

Do research on the topic that concerns the present issues that people face. As much as possible, read all the information that you gather about your topic. All information is important in a blog when you are putting a post on their blog site as a guest. Find the right topic and information for your blog and you are ready for the next guest posting.

Magnetic Headline

This is the time that you create a pitch with your headlines that will get the attention of the big blogger out there. Make your headline unique and eye-catchy so that audience get interested to read your full article. A great headline will give you the difference of 100 to 500 visitor. Having great headlines will allow you to get accepted for the next blog you send.

Sweet & Short

Remember that you are dealing with the board that has a higher ranking than you. You are only complying with the guest posting guidelines. As much, make your commutation sweet and short with the admin of the site. Sweet applies to the email that you made. Short means that you do not have to send the entire blog of yours make it short that gets the attention of the admin so they will be curious about the whole article. If they contact you that means that you get their attention.

Make them notice your Name

Making them notice your name is very effective way to pitch the big blogger sites. You have to start making connections to them a week or two weeks before you do the posting. Comment on every post or blog that the site host, it is not really a big thing. You just need to have the exposure that can increase the chance to pick your blogs.

Great Visuals

Visuals are one of the best ways on how to get your guest post published. Which makes it appealing to the eye of the reader. It will allow them to look in the appearance and the content.

Show your Work

When you are sending email to them, including one or two blogs that you make. It will allow the admin to have a wide say to your work and effort in writing to them. If they like the works that you did, there will be a chance that they will refer you to other sites.
How to Pitch?

Make your email direct to the point and short. That is the best way to pitch the busy blogger.
In order to have your post on their platform, you have to follow their guidelines, create unique content and provide the best headlines that are best for the admin site to approve.